Did I read that correctly?

#124 I just realized that I had forgotten to include the links below, so they are now attached and I have updated this post! 🙂 Today I was looking at my blog’s follow widget, which allows you to receive each post into your email inbox (or if you are a wordpress blogger, to your ‘reader’)….

stories that walk.

#123 Yes, you read that title correctly. I have two main points to present and will be attempt to be clear and brief but to address the main parts correctly. The written stories cannot move without a person to read them. The living and breathing stories are very important and should be recognized. Can you…

Imagine doing something meaningless.

#121 Go ahead. You read the title and should listen to its words. Imagine that thought. What would it be like to perform mundane tasks that accomplished no goal and once you finished, no difference had been made. Imagine living your life with pointless goals that did not achieve any benefit.  What a tragedy that…

Writing on the Go: again!

#120 This is a Writing on the Go post about some of the events of yesterday, (Friday, 1/11/19) 4:12pm) I am currently sitting in the car at a gas station which is taking an extreme amount of time. I can’t believe the traffic surrounding this gas station and the slow speed at which the fuel…

Hi ho.

What could this post be about 😂

Check this out!

For those who do not go to the actual website, http://www.sonbdaily.wordpress.com , you cannot view all of the content. I post on other “pages” and tabs that do not show up in your feed. Go check out the “Challenges” tab from the home screen as well as the other pages. New page coming soon!!!😁 P.S….

Lift Up Your Eyes!

Merry Christmas! Check out the song for the Tuesday Christmas song post.